Isimodeni Jewellery

Isimodeni Jewellery has emerged as a fusion of ancient Zulu tradition, precious metal craftmanship, and revolutionary design. In true South African style, cultural nuances and fusion become the flavor and substance that Isimodeni launches fresh designs from. Every design aims to showcase the beauty, culture, language, and aspiration of South Africa in all her multi-cultural glory.

  • Design
  • Cutting & Forming Metal
  • Soldering
  • Setting Stones
  • Polishing

10 Years
of experience

Professional, affordable and we always
leave the seat down

Our Vision

Isimodeni’s dream is to see a future emerge where carefully crafted beaded jewellery threads colour, vibrancy, beauty and boldness into the life and identity of an individual, empowering them to be bolder and dream bigger. The future of Isimodeni will be intertwined with the design future of South Africa and the world at large, aiming to cherish culture whilst celebrating the fusion of many expressions of life.

Our Mission

Isimodeni plans to create this future by crafting high quality beaded Jewellery that combines the creative, bold and vibrant ancient Zulu aesthetics with modern design principles. In turn creating timeless pieces that reflect a fusion of legacies: Legacies of Zulu artistry and timeless notions of beauty. Because of this, each piece of Jewellery, is able to transcend the ordinary retail experience and last generationally as a treasure deeply rooted in inherent value . Alongside crafting bespoke pieces of jewellery, Isimodeni will uplift and inspire others through connection and story telling.